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tv   KRON 4 Early News  KRON  September 25, 2012 4:00am-6:00am PDT

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criminal complaint against him he's in front of a judge monday a.c. was arrested friday after police investigators say he often to furnish methamphetamines in g and h b. after his arrest authorities searched his san francisco apartment and found a lot of drugs >> about a quarter of the doubts of methamphetamine seven pills of what is suspect to be in dna for ecstasy and three of four bottles of g h b. >> and that discovery led to the additional charge of possession of drugs for sale. computers also seized from his office in santa clara at the elementary school. >> at this time there is nothing to indicate that louis try to sell trucks in
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the of his students. the principle is being held on $25,000 bail. kron 4 news >> the santa clara superintendent's office sent this notice parents to notify them of the principals to rest >> also no allegations of louis engaging in illegal activities at that school. he's been placed on administrative leave >> its definition of life lessons for the kids that's one of the main things stay away from drugs. a mentor respected and looked up to its very troubling be very sad, shocked that was the first reaction from staff and parents so we just plan the best we could for students to move forward. >> what eric lewis remains
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behind bars he's been held in santa clara jail and a $25,000 bill. >> let's get it over to eric to take a look at the forecast bv is still the beginning of the week of mourning similar conditions to what we saw yesterday the cloud cover is and as widespread. we see some cloud cover here in downtown san francisco we should see a relatively early clearing with that sunshine slated for this afternoon. temperatures will be very similar to what we saw yesterday afternoon. temperatures right now in the fifties into the afternoon at a little bit of cloud cover for pacifica headed to ocean beach, and as we head into the evening hours it looks like those clouds will make a comeback and temperatures will drop into the '60s and '70s. satellite and radar does not
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really have much to show you we to have some clout cover over the san francisco bay. pretty clear conditions for most of the bay area 10 mi. of visibility for fairfield, concord and hayward. a lot of the falk visibility almost down to zero. be mindful of the cars in front of you and as we take a look at your afternoon highs that led by never again another day of mostly '70s and the south bay. check out sunnyvale at 70 degrees fremont at 7678 at cupertino looks like will scotto with the afternoon high of 82 degrees. plenty of 84 and east bay 84 in concord, mid- 80s for walnut creek 73 for san leandro, we are anticipating up the '70s for
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novato and petaluma 64 downtown san francisco los '70s for berkeley and oakland and looks like another chilly day if you're heading to the ocean beach with temperatures in the low 60s we will move onto a pretty quiet weather pattern not too much change until thursday. mid-70s of around the bay in 64 the coast line we will continue that sunshine it is definitely sunshine beach weather on the coast as we head into saturday afternoon. pretty quiet ride or brown the bay area no major accidents to report as we take it outside we will see traffic moving well for the most part note issues from any three of the approaches and no metering lights to deal with. reports of overnight construction on the san mateo bridge closer to the high-rise will be shut down until five this
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morning. be aware of that however, traffic is moving pretty well out foster city. some fogging cloud cover. no incidents to report we are seeing top speeds >> back to some other headlines we are learning more details about a man shot by police in san francisco which led to a series of protests and often in the vandalism. prepaying on the district police station broken windows and more spray paint on local businesses this past thursday night is when we saw that happen. the city's gang task force shot a member who was suspected of being a gang member he is identified as oscar bar scene this. dracaenas was hit twice by an officer and he is in the hospital with
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non threatening injuries. >> this guy was in prison for attempting to exact the shooting on another gang member a 15 year-old boy. and in some 15 year-old boy was caught in the crossfire. police officers put their cells in harm's way so no one else will get hurt. i wish for one moment they would show as much concern as when innocent people are concerned as when the police officers are doing their job. >> we don't want san francisco to become another oakland. the cops are outnumbered. and they are outgunned thank you the men and women who are brave enough in uniforms.
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>> mean while a committee meeting was held in san francisco to address last year's shooting of that gang member. it was packed as you can see in this video. the high-ranking police brass .... are attempting to address the gang-related activity in that area. >> we are bearing too many kids. i have seen the mothers that cry. i have seen the fathers that cry, and the children. and to sit there and have..... beset it is said tsad. officers need more help from the public. >> time for a break still
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ahead on the kron 4 morning news will explain more about the iphone coming across
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this was seen at a factory located in northern china 40 employees were injured many police had to be dispatched to in that riot. fox kron is the company that makes the iphone 5 sunday's destruction could mean delays in getting out was the phone here in the u.s.. the four now on apple's web site the wait time is three to four weeks last hope it stays there and not just up
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to five or six weeks. apple is surprised by the demand for the phone in its working hard to build enough iphone fis for everyone. the phone is not really sold out or should not be considered debt. on ebay and craig's lister thousands of posting selling iphone 5 still shrink wrapped in the box still from the store. people are paying up to 802 1300's $5 times the actual cost of the phone. it forces honest people to have to wait a month or longer. if you do not want to wait out the stores are giving the most stock as they trickle in your best bet to score one is from them not the carrier or retail partners try and actual apple store when they receive new stock
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is generally arise overnight hours. it becomes available the next day. call the apple store near you the next morning when they open to find out if they have the phone and get to that store is quick as you can't. >> some loggers are finding their private messages are being leaked and actually posted on their walls. facebook has investigated the complaint and has the bunked these concerns concerning old walled pose not private messages. a lot of confusion is because for 2009 there were no lights or comments on your wall. it is 4, 13 more news in
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seven weeks ago a massive fire at chevron's refinery sent people to local hospitals. yesterday there was a community meeting with officials are releasing that
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information to the public. >> representatives from local and state agencies including the environmental protection agency updated the audience of about 200 concern richmond residents about last month's chevron refinery fire. they discussed what went right that day and what went wrong. some of the thousands to seek medical treatment during the fire kept their cool until they were allowed to speak to the panel. one woman started screaming about brain cancer not being detected. the panel's tended to intervene. >> when i went to the hospital because of my raw throats i had to pay for
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that with my medicare. i have been charged for that service >> my biggest concern is making sure that the people get their medications a specially those of us who cannot afford it. the company said the objective was not enough for my medication. >> ()inaudible)á >> while chevron also responded to allegations the company deliberately bypassed their monitoring acquited. chevron claims that while it is true that a pipe was not connected inhibitions did go into the air and monitored for several years it was not done purposely. >> i take absolute access exception to some questioning my integrity. and what i think is the paramount in what i do in my daily basis. what we need to
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establish is part of what on going investigation is why that was not identified early. >> chevron also maintains that the amount of sulfur dioxide that was blared is not a health concern investigations on the underway. >> good morning to you day if we do have a live look outside at conditions from our mount tam cam we have some clout cover and fall. it is situated along the coastline for bay shores as well. relatively clear conditions as she stepped out of the door. no issues with visibility out in concord livermore and fair feared, how certainly be aware of that on the freeways not to that in santa rosa and the 101 for those of you commuting at
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this hour. looks like cloud cover will start to clear relatively early. plenty of blue skies as we head into the afternoon. current conditions 50s across the majority of the bay area and as we push the clock into lunchtime you will start to see green yellow and orange on the screen indicating '60s '70s and '80s. by the 3:00 p.m. hour we don't see too much change in those numbers we do see red on the screen which does indicate '90s. as i break down the numbers for you live in conditions as to compare to what we saw yesterday. 76 in palo alto mid '70s with an ounce this afternoon pittsburgh antioch at 8786 over in danville 73 at castro and san leandro
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valley. 70 on tap for berkeley 54 for downtown san francisco to purchase a little bit below the seasonal average we move onto a fair amount of clout coverage to coach ocean beach san bruno with an afternoon high of 68 degrees. >> first pitch is at 7 15 in. will be at 715 we will see an increase in cloud coverage during the course of the game. winds coming from the west at 16 mi. per hour. a pretty windy day at the ballpark the forecast shows really not much change in the temperature until we head into thursday. as of right now it looks like saturday could be the warmest day of the week we
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could see mid-90s upper seventies around the bay and low seventies for the coast. over the traffic center no hot spots perfect time to leave your house meanwhile we look at side of the bay bridge toll plaza. over at the san mateo bridge construction closer to the high-rise two out of the three lines may be closed so be aware that should go on until 5:00 atm.m. golden gate bridge ride looks pretty good no incidents to report lots of space between cars. lot of green on a roadway centers bayshore freeway westbound 24 note issues whatsoever for those of you coming off the altamonte pass. >> thank you very much to erica back to some headlines
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in the san francisco area could soon be home to the chinese departments in the country. how smaller we talking about well as small as 220 ft.. approximately 15 by 15. city supervisors are said to vote on the proposal today it would provide a cheaper option for many single san franciscans. critics say that it will not help families at all. also in headlines this morning governor jerry brown will head to mount you to sign the recently passed google car bought card bill. google co-founder and let the officials will be on hand for today's signing. >> it would allow companies to attest self driven cars on public roads and require the dmv to draft rules governing the use of vehicles by the public.
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jensens nearly here. it will be exciting to see those on the road. >>
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the trend turned around during thursday and will
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head into the next work week. upper '40's and novato and santa rosa 29 out the door in vallejo and pretty chilly start to the morning. a second look at where those numbers are expected to go into the afternoon. by lunchtime 60s along the coastline here the majority of us will be in the '70s holding on to the '80s and places like concord and livermore. by 3:00 p.m. we will see much more in the way of warmth on your screen. pretty nice comfortable level conditions around the bay area. 75 degrees 784 sunnyvale and santa clara. 85 fairfield pittsburgh and walnut creek. as we turn our attention to
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the north bay upper seventies low 80s here 64 in san francisco and looks like ocean beach coming in at 61 degrees. i do want to turn our attention to a quick ahead and version of your extended forecast. low 90s inland and '60s for the coast. temperatures could get warmer transitioning into this week in more news from that and your 7 day around the bay forecast coming up. we do want to get you out the door with a bridge check no hot spots. more cars on the road however no backups to contend with. san the tail bridge moving well in both directions despite the overnight construction taking place closer to the high-rise. and southdown 101 asphalt this morning we should see an early clearing and your drive
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should be 22 minutes of novato for the toll plaza. >> thank you so much erika decision 2010.12. >> president obama left the white house monday and touched down in new york city for the un general assembly. his appearance on 60 minutes the night before grabbing headlines. >> i said at the time that this is going to be a rocky path. >> president obama was asked about the recent turmoil in the middle east. there will be bumps in the road. conservatives including mitt romney are calling the comments in sensitive. >> these are not bombs in the road these are human
4:34 am
lives. >> there is a certain rather desperate attempt to grasped words and phrases to find political advantage at in this case that is profoundly scene. >> any pressure that i feel is simply due to do what's right for the american people i will block out any noise that's out there. >> conservatives called it a big ed america's of one of america's closest allies. >> his objective is to take every step step possible to enhance security. >> this is what president
4:35 am
obama wants us to focus on words said by mitt romney at a fund-raiser. >> mitt romney attacked 44 75 of americans who pay no income tax including veterans and the disabled. >> doesn't the present tense have to worry about everyone >>. to date world leaders are coming together in new york for a debate. there will be a host of humanitarian f discussions including poverty. president obama will be looking for his comments will bring those to you live as he is delivering his address. >> we will take a break we will be back to take a live look at the bay bridge toll plaza. back with more news in one moment.
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is faster or more professional. aladdin bail bonds. bigger because we're better. arrives president is attending the united nations. he was as specifically about a controversial statement he made about israel. should is ruby mount wiped off the face of the map. >> if a group comes and occupies the nine states of america destroy homes while women and children are in those homes. incarcerate the youth of america. impose five different wars on the many neighbors and always
4:39 am
threaten others what would you do? what would you do? what would you say? or would you help the people? when we say to you wiped we say the out occupation of were seeking to be wiped off this world. the path is to recognize the right of the palestinians to self- government. allow the people of palestine to make decisions regarding their own future. >> will identify it is scheduled to address the u.n. on wednesday and the world will be watching. >> secretary clinton is
4:40 am
praising people for not inciting rage. she delivered the remarks at the current global initiative meeting in new york. >> the people of the arab world did not set out to trade the tyranny of a dictator for the tyranny of a mob. there is a no dignity in that. half the people of bin gauzy sent this message loudly and clearly when they forcefully rejected the extremist in their midst and reclaimed the honor and dignity of a courageous city. they mourned the loss of embassador chris stevens, a friend and a champion. and his fallen comrades. >> bill clinton prate praised the other leaders for taking a stand for
4:41 am
peace. >> also this morning fewer young americans are appearing to be stopping the use of prescription drugs. an increase in prescription drug monitoring programs may have contributed to that problem. >> suicide kills more people in car accidents police report in a study and report that traffic accidents were the no. 2 calls. the credit safety measures around the country for curbing deadly accidents. however suicide deaths rose about 15%. >> trampolines may be a backyard favor for kids however is risky. ps urge to
4:42 am
keep their children off trampolines including those with netting around them. what interests are decrease in seoul are traveling sales reports are to the traveling should be used solely for sports and under adult supervision >>. it's time for creek break. a live look at the golden gate bridge as we go a little foggy across the span. from marin county into san francisco we will be span. from marin county into san francisco we will be right back. c1c1c1c1c1c1c1c1c1c1c1c1c1c1c1c1
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c1c1c1c1c1c1c1c1c1c1c1c1c1c1c1c1 >> we are back cruise on the scene of a two afire. according to authorities the fire broke out at 1130 last night in the last 800 block of grand ave. four people have been taking to the
4:45 am
house piddle for smoke inhalation. we have a group there establish and a live shot to get the latest on the scene. >> a new survey finds that consumers' facing more feed them free when it comes to banking and checking services. experts say there are some ways to cut costs take a look. >> according to an annual look at banking fees by bank rate dot com americans are paying more to use their own money. >> we continue to see monthly service charges for checking accounts. not only are more counts charging a monthly fee but the fees themselves are moving higher. >> the bank rate survey found atm charges rates for non customers rose over 4% last year. the average
4:46 am
monthly fee for a checking account of 25%. the percentage of free checking account sock to 39 percent way off the peak of 73% in 2009. moseys can be avoided with its electing discipline when choosing a atm maintaining a monthly balance or otherwise and banks which may be in order. >> just keep in mind smaller banks may not have the full range of financial services such as loans, mortgages, and more. be bought >> will mean while discover bank is paying $214 million to settle charges into buying costly add-on services. federal regulators
4:47 am
say discover costner workers and rolled customers in plans without their consent after misleading them into thinking the products were freed. customers who brought those products will receive roughly 57 backs dollars back from this. >> good morning to you james in happy tuesday as we take a live look here at conditions from the san mateo bridge. there is some cloud cover above and pretty dense fog for those of you a long half moon bay specifically at this hour. as we focus our attention on your numbers there is a chilly start to the morning in some locations mid '40's and novato 49 degrees wicking up in oakland check out any auk the warm spot on the map 60 degrees. if you
4:48 am
take those forties' '50s and '60s into the afternoon it looks like we will see '70s and '80s for the most part. very similar conditions to what we saw yesterday's sunshine blue skies. seven is on tap for sunnyvale and santa clara. campbell could reach 80 degrees 76 dropout out so upper 80s once again for felt field and its burned, 73 in castro valley, one that in union city, upper seventies low 80s. in san francisco to the just a little bit below the seasonal average at 64 degrees. let's focus our attention on the big weather story we will continue to see morning fog and afternoon sunshine. we will be experiencing a little bit of a warm up as we head closer into thursday. with
4:49 am
that of jews will be above the seasonal average were talking to nineties inland mid-70s around the bay in mid to upper 60s for the coast as for right now have been looking at some of your extended models and set it looks to be the warmest day of the week. we are talking 74 places like stinson we could get up into the upper 60s for ocean beach maybe a little bit more in the way of morning fog as we start the next workweek tanagers will start to slide upward. as we take it over to the traffic center of in its a pretty good morning brown the bay area. no hot spots to tell you about as you approach the bay bridge toll plaza. no meter like to deal with and looks like traffic is good across the incline in upper deck. westbound 92
4:50 am
to three lanes are closed closer to the high-rise. fault in on the golden gate bridge. caltrans is reconfiguring lines for your south bound commuters. northbound 101 coming out of the " coyote by lee in the province of the bayshore freeway. >> as for public transit you are good to go with no delays to speak of. james >> the ace taking on the rangers' top of the third phase of two to one. they're calling hitting a home run bring the a's up 3 to 1. the win altman they would need not be ours. the a's are two
4:51 am
games ahead of the angels the second wild-card spot they are one and a half beats behind boston. monday night football this is a talker this morning the seattle green bay game. packers were leading 12 to seven quarterback russell wilson froze a hail mary it appears as if the packers' defense will intercept. a one ref ways it off the other causes a touchdown. look pretty clear that jennings grabbed the ball first but after reviewing it came back a touch down stand pete carroll and the seahawks went 14 to 12. >> it was awful. just look at the reply. and the fact that it was reviewed. it was
4:52 am
awful that's all i will say. >> don't ask me a question about the officials. so it was cut to the chase right there. >> the nfl will make an announcement today talking about that. terry walsh was 13 weeks pregnant when she won her olympic medal. and she had a feeling she was pregnant what teaming with missing make to win the title at the london games. it was her third straight gold medal performance in a lick competitions. >> its 4: 53 our roof cam shows us a foggy day over san francisco. we will get the latest with erica on your weather in a little bit the latest with erica on your weather in a little bit more news coming up. c1c1c1c1c1c1c1c1c1c1c1c1c1c1c1c1
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>> are those which canaille is telling all and a new autobiography total recall goes on sale october 1st. to schwarzenegger chronicles his life from the big lights of hollywood to the governor's mansion. >> smokey robinson is lending his voice to a cause. the legendary singer is timman with the clinton
4:56 am
global initiative and what he is calling.... funding for packets second turn dirty water in to clean streaking water. >> for $10 you could provide pure drinking water for a kid for a whole year. >> robinson's goal is to spread the word to more than 200 million people. for hollywood eminence i'm christina munchen. >> coming up on the kron for more news the santa clara elementary school principal. >> we will hear from company officials regarding the refinery fire. >> why the google is
4:57 am
driverless car could be saying action around the bay area in the near future.
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(male announer) live from the kron 4 news station, this is the kron 4 news. >> top stories we are following this tuesday september 25th cruise still on the scene at a fire which set for people to talk to a hospital including a police officer. >> the supreme court could decide today whether we will hear two separate sides of a same-sex marriage case. >> + the santa clara elementary schoolteacher accused of selling drugs is in court for his arraignment we will have details on that appearance and more reaction from the superintendent's office. first let's look at the traffic.
5:00 am
>> we are seeing cloud cover over parts of the bay area mostly situated.... silicon- as to what we saw yesterday and those of you heading out the door 50 ft. 53 degrees in san jose and san francisco. 50 for san carlos i will show you where these numbers are expected to go. george >> thanks erica good morning a little construction picking up now on the san mateo bridge you're likely to encounter a little slow traffic there. your quick commute shows like conditions. >> thank you george fire crews are still at the scene of a fire that broke out in san francisco you can see where it is in relation to the airport. it is in the 800 block of grant avenue that is where kron force reporter is standing by.
5:01 am
>> jackie we understand investigators are still at the fire >> there is one of crew still here james kind of making sure the fire is completely out. once the fire is a cure they will go through the building one more time and go ahead and take off and be out in about 15 or 20 minutes. this is a duplex on the 800 block of grant avenue in south san francisco the fire broke out around 1130 last night. the first crew on the scene san francisco police officers went inside to apparently help get several people out. we are being told at least four people including that south san francisco police officer were all transported to a local hospital. with minor injuries and smoke inhalation. the duplex on
5:02 am
the left-hand side the one with the wood sustained most of the damage there was heavy smoke and fire damage on the inside. it is a good thing everyone was basically able to get out of the building with any major injuries. for people transported to the local hospital with what is being considered minor injuries james thank you jack very much we will be giving you the updates as a police and fire clear the same. >> the supreme court could announce as early as today whether they will take up same-sex marriage into separate cases. one involved in york woman she says she had to pay federal taxes on your wife's estate when she died because of the attack at the time york state did not recognize her out of state marriage. if the
5:03 am
justices take either one of these cases and eventual ruling will happen sometime next year. >> in a santa clara of it is cool in principle is accused of selling drugs made his first court appearance. eric lewis was arraigned yesterday on furnishing drugs. met amphetamine for sale. he was in a sting operation involving an undercover investigator. he attempted to sell the investigator g h b and math. there is nothing to indicate that louis tried to sell drugs to his students. he is held on $25,000 bail. the superintendent's office sent letters to parents to notify them of the parents are rest. there are no allegations alleging louis engaged in activity in
5:04 am
beijing with the school. >> basically i am very shocked >> it's definitely a life lesson for the kids. it's one of the main things stay away from drugs. it is very troubling from a respected mentor >> very sad, shocked that was the first reaction. just plan the best we could for students today. >> eric lewis remains behind bars and is held in santa clara county jail. >> more details about a man shot by police in san francisco which led to a series of protest and vandalism. spray paint on buildings as well as broken windows at the police station and local businesses. a gang task
5:05 am
force unit shot a known gang member in that game never has been identified as oscar are seen as. police believe he was in san francisco to retaliate a recent murder. he is in the hospital recovering from nine non- life threatening injuries. >> this guy was in prison for trying to exact the shooting of another gang member a 15 year-old boy. and innocent 15 year-old boy was caught in the cross fire so again i can't say enough about my police officers and what they do putting themselves in harm's way so no one else gets hurt. i wish for one moment people show as much concern when innocent people are harmed as they do when the police officers are doing their job. >> ()inaudible)á oakland has
5:06 am
become a lawless town. the scouts costs are outnumbered and outgunned and we do not want that here in san francisco. thank you the men and women who are brave enough to don those uniforms. >> meanwhile at a community meeting that was held in san francisco's mission talking about that suit shooting last week was packed. at the goods american community center. to let the community know the police are doing all they can to address the gang problem in that area members of the community say mornings to be done to stop the violence. >> and still ahead on the kron 4 morning news watching wall street as it dropped yesterday's. we'll have details straight ahead.
5:07 am
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the amount with the google at $750! and apple dropped $9.30 per share. the 696. they have only sold 5 million of the iphone said. and also facebook fell 9%. after a global weekend that the shares were overpriced. at $20.70 per share. apple, facebook have had a slight rebound from overnight trading. >> governor jerry brown is going to go to mountain view to sign a google rubbl-robotic
5:11 am
bill. that is passed by the legislature. it was after a fierce lobbying from google. this will allow companies to test self driven cars and requires the dmv governing loss. governing--laws >> this was and northern china. we spoke about this employee riot. 2000 workers 40's were injured. it took 5000 police officers. at least-40 workers were injured. remarkably, they had resumed production as early as last night. proponents of apple could be delayed with the iphone 5 production of purify >> 5:12 we have a live look
5:12 am
from new york. as the united nations general and the assembly is getting ready to meet in the work. president obama will speak at just a few minutes. we will bring you s soon as it is on the air. ron: years ago i made a promise to provide the best for my family, in sickness and in health. carol and i needed help figuring out what's covered by medicare and what's not. so we turned to the same folks we've relied on for health insurance all these years. announcer: ron and carol called anthem blue cross and found an affordable medicare supplement insurance plan, that pays for many of the costs that original medicare won't. now they have the confidence to keep making memories for years to come. choose from options like plans with deductibles as low as $0 and $0 for coinsurance. plus get protection from high out of pocket costs. get the freedom to keep your own doctors that you know and trust. and even get stand alone prescription drug plans for brand name and generic prescription drugs at more than 54,000 pharmacies across the country.
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if you're eligible for medicare or will be soon we'll help you find a plan that fits your needs. call or go online now to get answers. call today. anthem blue cross. 1-855-803-8181. that's 1-855-803-8181.
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80 romance found in his burned out home the man was found in his home in the town of campeau. neighbors say he had one leg and ignored the evacuation order. so far many homes have been destroyed. the fire is only 10 percent contained and 80 percent have been evacuated. >> said francisco could be soon home to the tiniest
5:16 am
apartments. 15 ft. by 15 ft. 15 ft. >> it could make the city even more crowded and not have families at all. >> you will get a check of whether first with eric to find out about the forecast >> the morning and happy tuesday as we take a look at current conditions out the door. low 50s downtown san francisco 53 in san jose. oakland we were in the upper 40's now coming in at 50 degrees. in terms of visibility not to that for east bay in inland areas. check out santa rosa visibility almost down to 0
5:17 am
we do have some locally dense fog in north bay. visibility about half a mile at half moon bay and be mindful of the cars in front of you. by lunchtime 60 '70s and '80s will be warmer conditions for places like livermore and concord. to viewers will start to climb as we head into the afternoon highs. another mile to warm day around the bay area similar conditions to what we saw yesterday. widespread '70s and south bay 77 milpitas same goes for san jose. 86 degrees over in danville 73 your number in castro valley upper 70's " '80s extended north bay. will be a debacle
5:18 am
compare to what we saw yesterday today we are at 64 and expect a fair amount of cloud cover low 60s heading to ocean beach in 60 is day the city. >> that kron 47 day around the bay shows clear whether. we're talking seven is around the bay in 64 the coastline looks like right now saturday wouldn't warmest day of the week. upper 60s for places like stinson beach ocean beach. what will feel like summer and would continue with a relatively warm weather as we start the next week. >> the more in charge >> the morning erica you could see it is a lighting easy ride heading into the
5:19 am
toll plaza the back of snow delays. san mateo bridge had over night construction there are no delays now across the span. though it is likely we may see some delays later this morning as we continue to investigate changing conditions there san mateo bridge. it may be related to the ongoing construction work and the weekend closures. >> 101 southbound traffic is foggy but light this morning. as we updates of drive times here we will take a look at commutes on interstate 80. costa 18 minutes to the san ramon valley no trouble on the dublin exchange today and you concede that the marina ride looks good as well. the aria and thanks a lot georges' 5: 20 right now
5:20 am
secretary of state and hillary clinton praised the people of libya for not inciting rage. she delivered her remarks at the clinic and an initial meeting in new york. >> the people of the arab world did not set out to trade the tyranny of a dictator for the tyranny of a mob. there is no and dignity in that. the people of the bin of gauzy sent this message loudly and clearly on friday when they forcefully rejected the extremist in their midst and reclaimed the honor and dignity of a courageous city. >> they mourns the loss of ambassador chris stevens a friend and a champion of a free libya and his fallen comrades. >> mrs. clinton praised other world leaders for taking a stand against violence.
5:21 am
>> still ahead on the kron 4 morning news replacement in the nfl takes center stage. some are saying one of the worst calls in nfl history more on the controversy. vo: for years, sacramento politicians have chopped away funds for our schools.
5:22 am
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welcome back to the kron 4 morning news. seahawks have an incredible man 14 to 12 or the packers. >> there is a play in the question is who caught the ball one rev said it looked like an interception to the other signaling a touchdown. after a 10 minute review the call on the field stood and the main reason was that there had to be indisputable evidence towards the ruling that was producing made on the field. everyone is
5:25 am
talking about this this morning including a lot of expletives from players on the green bay packers and their tweets better coming out. the nfl will address this call later this morning. so this is the question what will happen is this going to be the straw that breaks the back of the end f l and finally comes to an agreement with in f l refs. rest make approximately $129,000 per year. so we will follow the latest there are several people talking as replacement refs appears to be what's a really bad call last night. >> thank you mark on other headlines this morning the
5:26 am
national pig association is warning a worldwide search shortage of pork and bacon next year. and this all connected to drought's been seen around the world. herd size has to be reduced because of feed costs. the contract dispute between american airlines and its pilots is still causing-- total mom of cancellations are 570 flights. the airline is proposing to freeze and even terminate the retirement plan you might imagine the pilots are not happy with that. it is blaming questionable made in its complaint and sick calls from pilots for those cancellations.
5:27 am
>> a former university of alabama professor shot six people and a shot to life in prison without parole. a faculty meeting was on campus when he fired and three people were killed. out of state law required a trial. bush avoided the death penalty by pleading guilty to the charges. >> still ahead on the kron 4 news we will have no more on the meeting regarding the refinery fire.
5:28 am
5:29 am
5:30 am
5:31 am
this is expected to cost $160 million. it is just the thought but protesters think that they still have time to convince the county supervisors and the sheriff that the money could be spent on social services and not a new jail. it is overcrowded. they have 300 more people than they showed. the states have been realigning people. and more and more people in the future. according to sheriff's will be pouring
5:32 am
into the jail. at this point nothing is concrete. that is why they still believe there's still time. a large contingency of people are expected to be out here and i will get reaction. >> thank you. >> this massive fire at the richmond fire sent 15,000 people to area hospitals. last night, local and federal agencies updated a packed house of concerned citizens. what went right and what went wrong. thousands have kept their cool however, until last night. >> my biggest concern is that the people get their medication. the one that cannot afford it. chevron and sent me a check but it was not enough for the medication. >> the call system did not work or the size. yousuf the
5:33 am
that you were going to fix it and it still does not work. >> preventative measures have been stalled free pollution monitors along the fence line of lo around the richmond. and in the residential communities. that facility should be completed by early next year. chevron officials believe they have tracked down the cause. corrosion and a pipe led to that fire. and also responding to allegations that the company deliberately bypassed their sensors. while that is true a pipe was not properly connected and the commissions went out not monitored for several years it was not intentional. >> i take complete a something that is paramount.. in what i do in
5:34 am
my daily basis. as soon as what i found out we found and established what was that not established earlier. that maintain week- to-maintain that investigation is ongoing. >> the amounts were non- life threatening. >> this girl is home safe after she was merely a kidnapped on friday from park side elementary. this 12 fair old was able to get away from this attempted abduction. >> is really alarming the fact that he was able to get on campus. i know that they lock the doors when we lock the doors when we drop the kids off. however, the
5:35 am
effect that nobody was questioning him. the fact that nobody was questioning him. >> they believe that he is connected to to other san mateo. schools. keith was seen around at campus and also he was also offering alcohol to a number of students at another student. they are going to hold a panel and answer questions. >> decision 2012. regardless of who wins a large number of voters will not be satisfied. only 54 percent said that they are very or fairly satisfied with the presidential choices. 40 percent said that the poll that they are not at all, satisfied. democrats however showed more satisfaction with the republicans.
5:36 am
independent had a 45% of a satisfaction rate. >> world leaders are coming together at the united nations assembly in new york city cured famine, a global warming will be the topics for discussion. and president obama is is scheduled to speak. this will be his fourth general speak at the un. and despite these recent killings and libya, he is going to reinforce that america will not follow iran to develop nuclear weapons. >> safety measures if your children used trampolines, next.
5:37 am
5:38 am
5:39 am
>> welcome back is now 5:45
5:40 am
a.m.. children are now starting to use a prescription drugs. still more than 2 million people in the u.s. abuse prescription drugs. >> silicide now kills more people than car accidents. traffic accidents were the no. 2 calls injury deaths in the past two decades. suicide deaths rose to about 2%. >> bouncing on a tram the lanes are now considered dangerous. it urges parents to keep their children off of trampolines. according
5:41 am
to two reports there were 98,000 trampoline related injuries and 2009. while the injuries are going down so are trampoline sales. trampolines should only be used for sports and only if supervised by parents. >> there is a heartbreaking loss for the athletics as they try to stay in the playoffs. we will be back with more on kron 4 news. it's time to change the way we clean. it's time to free ourselves from the smell and harshness of bleach. and free ourselves from worrying about the ones we love. new lysol power & free has more cleaning power than bleach. how? the secret is the hydrogen peroxide formula.
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it attacks tough stains and kills 99.9% of germs. new lysol power & free. powerful cleaning that's family friendly. another step forward in our mission for health.
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welcome back it is now 5:49 a.m.. a fire broke out this morning but about four people have gone to the hospital. one police officer who helped to get a family out of a house. if the fire started about ethird of
5:45 am
11:30 p.m. last night. >> chevron officials are now speaking out. they are stating that they have found the reason for the fire. they say it was that corrosion that cause the explosion. local authorities to advise the residence of what went wrong and what went right during the fire. >> it is expected to cost about $44 million. this is gathering around about 9:00 a.m. this morning. they are against the new jail. >> a new survey has found that consumers are getting a charge more fees according to bank rate dock,.
5:46 am
americans are paying more to manage their own money. non customer rates rose at least 4% last year. the average monthly fee for a checking account is now of 225%. 25 percent. in the case of most checking accounts if you maintain a minimum amount that will change that. there are still a lot of community banks and credit ian's will still offer the free checking accounts. but the smaller banks may not have the same services that larger banks have. >> if you are a discoverer car customer discover card
5:47 am
is paying customers extra money. discover will pair of 14 million in fines and refund money to about three and half million customers. discoverer enrolled customers in two different programs without the customer's consent. customers who did buy the products from 2007 to 2011 will receive a credit. >> it is now 5:48 a.m.. it looks like it is a little bit foggy. on the right hand side you can see the lights of the golden gate bridge and it looks like they're making their way through the fall. >> yesterday's the fog was a little bit widespread but today it is more dense. as a
5:48 am
right now we're taking a live look at our conditions. satellite and radar shows exactly where the cloud cover is at. as we turn our attention to the visibility in terms of miles. concord and fairfield are down to about 3 mi. an hour for those who are using the 101 and santa rosa. we are talking about '60s along the cosign the most of us will be in the '70s. as we push the clock to the afternoon highs by 3:00 p.m. it will be about a piece of the bay. we will se84 another day for upr
5:49 am
80s for fairfield. it will be 73 degrees for san leandro. los '70s for berkeley. 64 degrees for downtown san francisco. >> if you are heading to the game tonight the first pitch will be at 7:15 p.m.. we will see an increase and cloud cover while you are at the game. again those are sustained whins then maybe up to 20 mi. per hour if you are there please hold onto your hat. saturday will be the warmest day of the week. >> we are still looking at
5:50 am
it pretty good commute on highway 4. we are not tracking any hot spots at this time. light conditions at the bay bridge no lights no waiting perio, no waiting pee are no delays through marine county. we will update your drive timone highway 4 is pretty busy through antioch. south bay freeway looks a great there are no delays here. in marin county 1 01 south about right here at chipper
5:51 am
rob boulevard and accident was reported. the sensors indicate that there are no delays to the golden gate bridge. >> the big news here in the bay area is that gary is bay is out of the hospital after being knocked out during the game on sunday. he has a concussion and a neck sprain. as far as defined we're still waiting to hear from the nfl about the helmet to helmet hit that knocked him out. >> this is a bad time for the days. a lot talk from the managers. the a's have 86 wins for the season. he will get a $55 million payroll. a's go up 3 to 1 but then texas ties it up.
5:52 am
in the bottom of the ninth to tie it up. the rangers win five to four. the a's are now two games ahead of for the wild card spot. >> and the latest with happen with the packers and the seahawks game last night. we will have more throughout the morning. the call from the replacement refs.referees. >> kron 4 blue angels live special is coming up you do not want to miss that. still ahead a horse with a tremendous talent.
5:53 am
5:54 am
5:55 am
5:56 am
>> welcome back now we're showing you a horse that actually paints. this is his mouth which is really amazing. he is a nine year- old stallion. boehner stated that one day he just parted to draw. the owner chooses all of the callers and then she puts them into justin's mouth and he does the rest. the paintings ait looks as if hg
5:57 am
a lot of fun. >> would would not take a break coming up as 6:00 a.m. we will talk about an overnight fire that sent people to the hospital. and then the san mateo county of boards are trying to find a new jail. and then plus the controverts zero touchdown pass that everyone is talking about. the replacement referees and how of the fallout of that gain occurred. >>
5:58 am
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